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Holy Hammer Ironworks

Harold Hilborn, owner and sole operator, started Holy Hammer Ironworks in the spring of 2007, with 33 years of industrial metal fabricating experience as a welder, fabricator and blacksmith. While working for one of the west's largest premier metal fabricating companies, CAID Industries, he finished a 17-year career as Welding Supervisor and Welding Instructor. There he earned numerous welding certifications using all the major welding processes, on pipe, plate on ferrous, non-ferrous and exotic metals. He was very fortunate to work on major public art works, very large industrial projects. Harold Hilborn brings all of this experience to you for your own projects.

Harold considers Holy Hammer Ironworks to be a modern day blacksmith shop. Holy Hammer Ironworks brings all of today's modern metal fabricating technology, the tools and the skills of an old time blacksmith's shop to you, to create your custom project or functional art for your home or business.

Holy Hammer Ironworks is a licensed and insured business in the state of Arizona, for your commercial and residential needs. He provides out source welding, and blacksmithing services for businesses. Also welding consulting, welding and basic blacksmithing instruction for individuals or small groups. Welding repair, and aluminum welding is a specialty.

At Holy Hammer Ironworks where some jobs are too big, no jobs are too small. Harold looks forward to helping you with all your welding, and blacksmithing projects.